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Growing up on the shores of Lake Ontario in the 60's, we spent the bulk of our summers near (and in) the water. As kids, we thought we had it tough hauling buckets of fresh water to the cottage from my grandmother's house at the top of the hill, a mere 30 second walk away (even less if we were running up the hill to see a train pass!) Back then I couldn't even conceive of having to spend hours each day fetching water for drinking and washing, much less imagine that 50 years later there would still be places in the world where that's how children would spend their days.

But here we are ... and knowing that the simple addition of a cistern to catch and retain the water from the rainy season can rectify the problem, the decision to pitch in and help is an easy one.

Please join me - in person, or with a donation. Thank you!

Holston Habitat and the JC Rotary Global Village Trip

About This Campaign

Joint Global Village Trip - Holston Habitat and the JC Rotary Club

“Water for Life” Program, Pernambuco state, Brazil
October 13-21 2018

This joint Rotary/Habitat for Humanity Brazil project aims to improve the quality of life of families who live in extreme poverty and often have to walk for up to two hours to fetch water for their homes. By building cisterns for water catchment and storage, families are provided with access to safe, usable water. 

Volunteer team members will be helping construct cisterns alongside Habitat for Humanity near the city of Caruaru in North East Brazil.
  1. Allison Battle
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    Your passion is inspiring!
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  2. Scott McIlquham
    Scott McIlquham

    We couldn't get all our ducks in a row by October, but flights are now booked for March 17-23, 2019. At least 6 people from the JC Tuesday Lunch Rotary Club will join Wendy and I to build the first cistern, cement the relationship, and pave the way for a much larger project to build 25 to 30 more!

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  3. An anonymous donation of $100 has been made to support Scott McIlquham
    Mr. Mac's 4th grade class wants to help everyone have ready access to clean water!
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  6. Rita McPeak
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    Exciting adventure awaits! Love to you both! Rita
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