MLK Day Virtual Wall Build

MLK Day Virtual Wall Build

About This Campaign

In honor of the MLK Day of Service on Monday, January 18, Holston Habitat is hosting a virtual wall build. Did you know it takes 160 2x4 boards to build a Habitat house? And that each board costs $7? Make a contribution today to purchase one or more 2x4 boards and help a family in our community build strength, stability and self-reliance through homeownership.
Holston Habitat for Humanity

Campaign to Support Holston Habitat for Humanity

Holston Habitat for Humanity builds and rehabs houses in partnership with individuals and  families in need of safe, affordable housing using volunteers to provide hope and stability in home ownership throughout the Tri-Cities in Tennessee and Bristol, VA.

  1. Phyllis Kirk gave a $70 donation
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  2. Dana Eaton
    Dana Eaton gave a $37.22 donation
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  4. Annalee Posey
    Annalee Posey gave a $7.68 donation
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  5. Moira Walsh
    Moira Walsh gave a $35 donation
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  6. Laura Painter
    Laura Painter gave a $7.68 donation
    Proud of you LK! I'm in your corner!
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  7. Richard  Kelly
    Richard Kelly gave a $50 donation
    Pay it forward.
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  8. Becca Davis
    Becca Davis gave a $37.22 donation
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